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And with a full, 162-game season on tap, there are plenty of betting opportunities. Know when to bet moneylines instead of spreads when you gamble on sports. Calculate ML payouts when you’re betting more or less than $100. Convert moneyline odds to their decimal or fractional equivalent. Baseball has some betting patterns which develop over a long season.

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Bettors should also remember that favorites are often more dangerous in baseball than in other sports. While MLB futures odds tend to do a good job of predicting which teams will be better over the long haul, futures bets related to October have no impact on a one-game sample size in baseball. Underdogs regularly come through at long odds in a single game, especially in matchups where teams are not at their strongest point in the pitching rotation. When betting on MLB games, the moneyline bet is a common way to get involved. Bettors seeking a payout on the moneyline market can test their prognostication skills throughout the season.

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You can scroll through every matchup, starting in spring training and going through the regular season. You can see the historical betting results, line movement and betting trends for all the games that have been played or even matchups that may’ve been postponed by weather. Another great feature on the MLB Matchup History is a link to the Recap, which tells bettors how the outcome was determined. Since starting pitchers are key factors when determining the betting odds, those names are listed right next to the teams. The last name of each Pitcher is listed along with their first initial of their first name.

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Keeping an eye on the NFL betting odds will help, as you can see line movement and which side the money is going on. Making your NFL picks should be calculated and factor in all the important metrics like offense vs defense, home/away, and team’s past performances. Take a quick preview of all the NFL Odds weekly action right here, below, and don’t forget to check the season for online betting. They are beginning to be one of the top betting types for recreational sports bettors in more recent years but have always been quite popular among the professional sports bettors. This one can be a little more complicated but still relatively easy to understand.

There’s nothing more frustrating than joining a betting site only to find out that the availability to bet on something is poor. Picking the correct online betting site for you is hugely important as this will affect your overall enjoyment of making bets. You need to make sure you figure out what’s important to you, so you can pick your bookie based on what you care about the most. Bwin has been around since 1999 and has a huge number of sports available, with over 50 different sports and events being available worldwide.

For this example, they’ve made the Royals side more enticing in a bid to even things out, so we can gather that more betting dollars have come in on the Astros side. While the potential returns on certain alternate run line bets can be quite enticing, it’s important to remember the reason for that. Sportsbooks will pay a premium if an unlikely event happens to occur. Since odds are it won’t happen more often than it doesn’t, they can afford to take the loss here and there while balancing out the action elsewhere. For a case where the run line is 0.5 runs, the odds could tighten even further. When the run line rises, you may find more favorable odds on the favored side while those on the underdog side get worse.

They can also provide some extra cushion for underdogs, but as you can see from the odds in our example, returns may be minimized. While it doesn’t happen often, underdogs in these games can still have +200 odds on the +1.5 runlines. Since betting against the public has been the cornerstone of our success, the next logical filter to add involved the spread betting percentage. When we examined teams fitting this criteria that were also receiving less than 40% of spread bets, our units won leaped to +51.25 while our ROI increased to 9.4%. With underdogs, the run line is what the bettor stands to win if staking $100.

If you’re taking more risk on a bet that you feel good about, then you have to make sure the potential return justifies it. In the case of the standard 1.5 run line, we can safely assume that most operators will treat it in the same fashion as a point spread bet for other sports. Upon release, the benchmark MLB run line odds for most books is -110, and that number will shift based on betting activity. For example, a good amount of activity on one side over the other could result in odds like this.

Unlike the MLB run line bet, which is baseball’s version of the point spread market, the margin of victory does not matter. And unlike the MLB over/under market, the number of runs scored in the game does not matter. The only thing that matters for the outcome of this bet is which team wins the game.